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This website is dedicated to my garden and all the amazing animals that live in the garden. On this site, you'll find individual pages for some of the roses that I grow, with pictures and descriptions gained from years of observation. I live in zone 6, Long Island, New York. Perhaps the information on these pages will be useful to other gardeners on Long Island or elsewhere in similar climates.


If you have any questions or comments, I'd be delighted to hear from you.

About The Banner

"The Huntsman's Funeral Procession" is a 19th century woodcut by Moritz von Schwind. It illustrates a scene from a popular classic Austrian children's fairy tale: Forest animals, carrying the body of a dead hunter to his grave, march solemnly through the night in a mock show of ceremonial pomp and mourning. It's a powerful image, beautifully rendered through its richness of detail, and it leaves a lasting impression on the viewer's mind.

The drawing was an inspiration for the 3rd movement of Gustav Mahler's First Symphony, one of my favorite pieces of classical music. In the 3rd movement, the music -- a melange of variations on the theme of "Frere Jacques" and Jewish folk melodies -- is alternatively merry and somber, chaotically dreamlike and nightmarish at the same time, double-edged throughout like the morose but fantastical allegory itself.

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All photos have been cropped and resized but not altered in any other way. My aim was to capture the truest representation of the flowers' colors. As a result some of the images might appear dark, but feel free to use your own image editing software to enhance the contrast.

Because more people are getting high-speed internet, I decided to go with large, high quality images using minimal compression in JPEG format. They may require some time to load on slower connections.

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A Long Island Rose Garden